Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Springtime as a Pet Sitter in the Poconos!

If you live in or visit the Poconos, you've probably been ecstatic with the weather recently - warm, sunny, perfect weather for boating and fishing and all of the other incredible things to do in the area.
I am loving it too! Winter is a rough season for pet sitters (in the Northern climes, that is) so when I see those daffodils poking up through the ground, I get very excited.
Every season brings different challenges and opportunities for those who live and work with animals. In the springtime, I am extra-vigilant on my dog walks, because everything has melted, and sometimes the snow and ice can leave dangerous (or just icky) presents behind, and some dogs just can't resist nibbling, sniffing, eating, or rolling in things that are probably not very good for them!

Wildlife in northeast PA is also abundant. As a pet sitter, it is your Best Friend Pet Sitting's policy (and also a requirement of my insurance!) that I keep dogs on leashes at all times (unless they have a securely fenced yard.) Chipmunks, squirrels, turkeys, deer, skunks, foxes groundhogs, even the occasional bear have all crossed my path on dog walks, and no matter how well you know your dog and trust him or her, you simply can't predict what they'll do when confronted with wildlife (and you can't predict what another animal will do!) Keeping a dog on a leash is not just good sense, it can save their life!

The Hamlin, Lake Ariel, and Greentown areas, and all of the areas around Lake Wallenpaupack and the various other lakes in the area, feature many community associations (like The Hideout, Wallenpaupack Lake Estates, Tanglwood POA, etc.) Most, if not all of these communities have strict regulations about cleaning up after your dog. As a professional pet sitter, I clean up after every dog, always, regardless of what the association rules are, or even if it's just a private residence. That's my company policy, yes, but mostly it's just common sense and good manners!

I hope you and your pets are having a wonderful spring! If you plan to spend some time outdoors exploring the Poconos, don't spend the day feeling like you have to rush to get back to the pets - just give me a call! I'll pamper your pets so you can enjoy hiking, swimming, fishing, and boating, guilt-free!