Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Janie the Pet Pro!

My good friend Janie is one of those amazing, tireless dog lovers who not only knows her stuff when it comes to dogs, but goes out of her way to help dogs in need. She is now a writer for The Examiner, and she's posted some great, informative articles about dogs, including her most recent article on dog safety for Halloween.
Check it out here: Howl-O-Ween Safety Tips For Your Pets!
The photos attached to her articles are hers as well, and in a recent article she shared some tips on pet photography (well worth the read!) She's a genius with the camera. We all know how difficult it is to capture a truly good photo of a pet - they turn their heads at the last minute, they don't sit still, and their eyes tend to shine unnaturally when the flash goes off. But Janie manages to capture great photos of dogs in all poses and states of movement. You can see some of her photographic work on my FaceBook page.
One of the great advantages of sharing your life with a pet is that you're in good company with other pet lovers. There are so many people I've met in my area through pet-related events and I'm proud to call them friends.


  1. Do you have a link to that article about taking good pics of your pets? I would LOVE to get a good pic of Trouble - I can never get one. Mischief is a natural poser, but I don't think I've gotten a good pic of Trouble yet.

  2. Here's that article on pet photography:

    Janie says to focus on the eyes!

  3. Awwww...Kristen! Thanks for honoring me by posting this information on your website. I am TRULY HONORED :-) I have been slacking on my "writings" on the Examiner. I have to get back to it "full time"...