Monday, November 16, 2009

Presents 4 Pets!

Today was a GREAT day - for me and my friends as well as some beautiful shelter pets.

This is my second year of involvement with Presents 4 Pets, a NAPPS initiative where professional pet sitters reach out to their clients and communities and gather food, toys, beds, and other items to make life more comfortable for shelter and rescue pets. This year I had some help from some wonderful friends who love animals. They hosted a wonderful "Yappy Hour" event at Nay Aug park (dogs in costumes - it was the BEST!) With those donations, as well as donations from clients and members of the community, we packed an SUV full of donated items and drove down to Hillside SPCA.

As many animal lovers in PA know, new kennel regulations went into effect in September creating standards for commercial kennels. This effectively shut down some puppy mills (hopefully MORE to shut down as enforcement increases) and the Hillside SPCA, located in Pottsville, PA, took in quite a few dogs from these mills. Hillside is a no-kill shelter so they certainly had a great need for items. (Find out more about Hillside HERE: )

Today friends Janie & Laura and I made the trip down with the goods, and got to meet some beautiful dogs and pups. The shelter workers were dedicated folks who knew these animals well. I was impressed with the site and the people working there. They were very appreciative of our visit!

I want to thank all of the folks, friends, clients, and community members who came out to Yappy Hour, donated items, money, time and support for this drive. While the real gifts go to the homeless animals, I feel as if I have been given a gift too. I am already planning next year's Presents 4 Pets drive. I can't wait!


It's EASY!

Step 1: Find old leashes, towels, pet beds, or pet supplies in good condition
Buy some wet or dry pet food, metal food and water bowls, bleach, laundry detergent, kitty litter, or gift cards

Step 2: Give me a call or send an email and I will pick them up at your home or at a prearranged location.

Step 3: Receive a thank-you letter and receipt (donations ARE tax-deductible!!), and more importantly, know that *YOU* made life better for a homeless animal in need. It's an amazing feeling.


  1. A very informative post about pet donations. Many shelters have been hit hard by our economic times! There is one in Philidelphia in need of supples too, I have to look it up on my facebook!

  2. You didn't say there's a limit on where you would pick the presents up from, so does that mean that if I donate a doggy bed, you'll drive out to my house to pick it up?

    What if I donate 10 doggy beds and 10 bags of food? How much WOULD I have to donate?

    ;) -Heatherie

  3. LOTS of shelters need donations, it's so true. And Heatherie, my friend, as much as I'd LOVE to drive to Wisconsin to pick up some donations, (and visit you!) I have pups and kitties counting on me here. But I do recommend doing a Google search for a local no-kill shelter near you, or if you like, I can ask my fellow pet sitters in your area for shelters they support! It's a really good feeling. :)