Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pets and Holidays

Holiday time is a fun time for us, and for our four-footed loved ones as well. To keep pets safe this holiday season (and year-round!) it helps to look at the holidays from a dog's (and cat's) eye view.

  • Holiday guests are part of what makes this time of year so wonderful. If you're having guests over, it's important that they know your rules with your pets. For example, if your pets aren't allowed to have treats, make sure your guests know, or you may find your dog or cat begging at the table months after your guests have left!
  • Guests can also confuse or even scare shy pets. Make sure your pets have a safe space they can go to (a bedroom, for example) to escape the noise and people if need be.
  • Call Your Best Friend Pet Sitting to schedule a dog walk or some playtime with your pets if you're strapped for time - even if you're home, we can take some of that stress off your hands by providing service so that you can relax with your family.
  • Book your pet care services EARLY! Every pet sitter and kennel in the country books up quickly around any holiday (some are fully booked months in advance!) We all get calls a day or two before Christmas asking if we can take care of someone's pets, and at that point it's often too late for any sitter to take any additional bookings. Also, know your sitter's cancellation policy for holidays, as it may differ from the rest of the year.
  • If you're a client of Your Best Friend Pet Sitting, then you love your pets like family and probably buy them gifts! I like toys and treats that exercise their brains! Kong toys or other rubber toys can be stuffed with treats, or filled with broth or peanut butter and then frozen. Dogs enjoy the mental stimulation that comes from figuring out how to get the good stuff out of the Kong. Both dogs and cats LOVE laser pointers, and they are an inexpensive way to interact with your pets in a way they will enjoy (and you will too - it's hard to keep a straight face!)
  • We all know this by now but a reminder never hurts - no pet should ever be allowed to eat chocolate as it is toxic to their systems. They should also avoid cooked poultry bones, grapes, and alcohol. My good friend and dog lover Janie has compiled an excellent list of foods pets should avoid in her Examiner Article: CLICK HERE
  • With the stress, travel, and bustle of the holidays, remember that our pets are GREAT for helping us relax. There is nothing better than getting cozy on the couch with a purring cat on your lap or your loving dog's muzzle resting on your knee. Your pets will cherish those moments, and you will too!
Happy Holidays to you and yours from Your Best Friend Pet Sitting!

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  1. Great advice on how to keep our pets safe for the holidays! We all want to pamper our pet babies, but we often forget they are NOT HUMAN! Happy Holidays!