Thursday, March 4, 2010

Microchip Your Pet!

In light of Baby P's situation, and based on my own personal and professional knowledge, thereis one piece of advice I offer to EVERYONE reading this:

Please get your pet microchipped!

What is microchipping? A microchip is a tiny computer chip (about the size of a grain of rice) that your vet can implant safely under your pet's skin (usually between the shoulder blades). Each chip has a unique number that is entered into a database. If your pet gets lost and is picked up by someone, they can take that pet to any vet or shelter who will then scan the pet for a microchip that will tell them who the pet belongs to! The chip is permanent, can't get lost, and is very inexpensive. We paid $46 per dog to have ours microchipped (they did it when we had the dogs in for spay / neuter so they were under anesthetic, however the procedure doesn't require it and I understand it's not painless, but it's quick and not too painful either).

There is no annual fee - once your pet is microchipped, it stays with them for life, and all you have to do is notify the company if your address or contact info changes.

I have not been able to think of a single downside for microchipping. My 3 dogs are microchipped, and for $46 per dog, the peace of mind is so worth it. I know that if they were to get lost (and something like 1 in 3 dogs get lost in their lifetimes - NOT a good statistic), I have exponentially increased the chances of getting them back.

I welcome any thoughts on microchipping, pro and con! What do you think?

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  1. Great article, Kristen! In light of the situation with Peanut, I have all of my pups microchipped and wearing can never be too safe <3