Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's that time of year again - winter has arrived in Northeast PA. Brrrr - it's getting cold. I bought a little hand warmer this year, which I've used twice so far and found it to be useful.
The dogs I've been walking are all troopers in the cold. Except for my own little Fiona. She's part Italian Greyhound and she doesn't have much body fat, and her fur is pretty short. So, a new coat is in order. I've been looking at the Snuggies for dogs, but she needs coverage on the belly too. I wish I could sew, I'd make her a cute little jacket!
Essential pet sitter gear in cold weather: I love my hoodies, they keep my head warm without me having to carry an extra piece of clothing. When you have your hands full of leashes and keys, the last thing you need is a hat falling off! I also love my waterproof boots for the wet days, and Yaktrax for the ice. This time of year, I wear my bright orange vest, and I have orange bandannas for the dogs I walk when we're in wooded areas. I now carry bear-repellent spray on my walks - that's a story for another blog post, but I now make sure I have it with me on every walk!

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